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Interview rounds in a call center

These are the common interview rounds in a call center interview. Sometimes there may be additional tests like typing tests, listening test etc.
First round: Self introduction.
Here the interviewer will ask you to introduce yourself (will be looking for MTI - mother tongue influence, sentence contruction etc.,) keep it brief. You may want to follow this order.
  • The place you are from.
  • Your educational qualification.
  • Personal information - your family, your interests and hobbies.

Second round: Written test.

  • Grammer test.
  • Analytical test.
  • Technical test. (If you're attending interview for a technical process)

Third round: Operations(Ops) round.

Operations round is the most critical round, usually conducted by a team-leader from the operations or the operation manager. You can expect questions like -

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why you want to join a call-center ? (If you are a fresher)
  • Why this company ?
  • May ask you to read a passage.

Here the interviewer will try to know more about you, how well you answer the questions (remember answer the questions in favour of the company). His looks may be intimidating but dont worry he is as nervous as you are (probably thinking of the next question to ask).

Fourth round: HR round.

Once you clear the Ops round, HR round is very easy. The HR may ask you a few questions like - whats your salary expectation, will you sign a bond for a year etc., And then give the offer letter to sign and will explain the salary structure.

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sanjay said...

hi friend,

ur blog is very useful. plz update some more information regarding the call center. i advise u to post some topic on english grammer,etc..


Sunil said...

Thank you for your feedback Sanjay. I will definitely consider that and post some more information about call centers and English grammer and vocabulary. Thanks again. Sunil

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i am 28 years old and never had a job in my life. I got rejected by these call centers many times before(mostly international ones). Is Domestic call center a good start? or should i forget about getting into call centers? thanks.

gaurav said...

these r very helpful tips but it would b great if u give more stress on the points

Anonymous said...

Would like to point out a spelling mistake in the Second round: Its Grammar not grammer. Cheers

rajesh said...

hi, its Very UseFul To Fresher Attend The Interview

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hridoy said...

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Suraj said...

Well thanks for posting those information.try add some best answers to those question.

Anonymous said...

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