Monday, August 11, 2008

Education for a call center agent

These days you find people from different field working in call centers. Graduates from engineering, law, dental etc., work in a call center. The most common are the undergraduates, students who would have lost a year in their 12std or 2 PUC. And the next common of all are engineering students who would have quit their engineering or who would have lost a year in engineering would have joined call-centers as a stopgap. In the course of time, engineering students or the undergraduates who would have joined call-centers just as a stopgap would take this as their profession. Please do not loose your focus, a degree is very important. You can work and still get a degree through various universities that provide degree through correspondence. I will try to get some information on this that will help you further your educational qualification. Meanwhile please share your knowledge in this field to help others who read this post.