Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outbound CallCenters in India

Outbound means outgoing(calls). In this type of callcenters the agents make calls to the customer. It could be to sell a product(telemarketing), for a survey, for a customer feedback on their product etc. On a telemarketing call the agent calls the customer and presents the product they represent. Once he/she convinces the customer and if the customer agrees to buy the product, the agent asks for a few sensitive details about the customer to fill a form. The information of the customers could be his full name, residential address, credit card details etc. Once the form is filled by the agent and submitted, the product would be sent to the customers residential address (given by the customer) in 7 working days at the maximum. The agents would be given targets(no.of sales) for a month to be achieved. And their incentive is based on the number of sales. This also accounts for the promotion of an agent.
Inbound Call Centers in India.
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