Friday, August 8, 2008

Prepare for a Call Center interview

This post not only prepares you for a call center(centre) interview but also these points mentioned below help you in training in a call center after the interview as well.
Know more about the company - Do a small research and know the different types of processes they have. For example, one of the company's that I worked for had only inbound UK processes, and these processes were Insurance, Collections, ISP processes.
Know the interview rounds - before you attend the interview, as different companies will have different interview rounds.
Know the basic technical questions if you're attending an interview for a technical process.
  • Prepare a good resume, with not more than two pages.
  • Get dressed well, have a clean shave.
  • Be there before 15 mins, you will feel comfortable. Speak to people around you, do not be an introvert, specially in a call center or any other industry where interpersonal relationship is important.
  • Have a good meal before you attend an interview, it helps you sound energetic. Drink water but dont drink too much, you dont want to visit the restroom quite often and miss out a few things in the interview waiting room.
  • Learn to smile when you meet people, again very very important in a call center. Give a firm hand-shake, dont over do it and hurt the other person.
  • Do not fake an accent, speak in a neutral accent. Speak slowly, as rate of speech is one of the parameters they assess you on.
  • You may be asked to read a passage, so before attending an interview practice reading out aloud. Remember to pause for a second when you see a comma, more than a second when there is a full stop. Stress on the adjectives.

Interview rounds in a call center

Most common questions asked in a call center interview

Inbound Call Centers in India.

Outbound Call Centers in India.

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