Sunday, August 10, 2008

Build your vocabulary

I've seen many employees in call centers who do not take vocabulary seriously. Build your vocabulary, it helps build your confidence. You work in a team and you may never know when you may have to address the entire team. Your team-leader may ask you to speak about a your experience on a certain call or any difficulty you are facing on a call. Trust me if your vocabulary is good, your fluency is good, and hence you would have tremendous confidence in speaking in a crowd. And I strongly believe that people with good communication make it to the top. Building your vocabulary would definitely help you in your IJP (internal job posting) interviews as well. Here's what I used to do when I took calls - I used to take down words spoken by the customers on a notepad and then check its meaning on Cambridge dictionary.This way I would know the meaning of the word and under what circumstances it is used. Englishdaily626 is a great site to build your vocabulary. Please share the words that you know that could be used on calls.