Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ways to improve your fluency (Communication Skills)

  • Make sure your grammar is perfect.
  • Read a minimum of 2 novels a month.
  • Read a range of books, magazines(automobiles, fashion, gardening etc.) and please do not read local newspapers.
  • Speak to your family and friends in English, ask them to correct you when you speak.
  • Learn to pronounce words the right way. Visit Cambridge dictionary it gives an option to pronounce the word.
  • Experts say that a child adds 5000 words a year to its vocabulary whereas adults add not more than 100 words. Make it a practice to add a minimum of 5 words a day. When you hear a new word, jot it down and look up the dictionary later or ask your friend, remember a person telling you the meaning of a word is more effective than referring a dictionary.
  • Watch English channels - BBC, CNN, Star World etc. See how the native speakers speak.
  • Please do not stop this practice after you get a job. Continue this practice it will eventually build your confidence.


Rajesh said...

Very Useful man. .
Thanks a lot. why r u suggesting not read local English newspaper ?

Prof. Jesús Manuel Bustamante Sierra said...

So useful, i have the same question, why you are suggesting not to read local english newspapers?

aniket said...

yes,everything that you mentioned above is useful but, "do not read local newspapers" why is that?

Uttam Agrawal said...

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