Friday, September 19, 2008

Vocabulary used in Call Centers - Part 1

Vocabulary and sentences used in Call Centers, not in any order.
Rapport - a good understanding of someone and an ability to communicate well with them
"We'd worked together for years and developed a close/good rapport". "She has an excellent rapport with her staff".
Empathy - the ability to share someone else's feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation. Understanding and entering into another's feelings.
"Empathize with the customer".
Briefing - It is a meeting held before the shift begins, usually the agents are given information about the process to implement on calls. "Why are you late for the briefing".
Debriefing - It is meeting held after the shift, things like team stats are discussed here.
Dead Air - an unintentional period of silence on a call. "There was dead air for 30 seconds on that call".
Phonetics - Phonetics are used when when telling an unusual word or password to avoid mistakes ex: Adam is read out to the customer like this - " A as in Alpha, D as in Delta, M as in Mike".
Pitch - Used in telemarketing calls, to pitch is to present/explain the product to customers. "Start pitching after the greeting".
Role Play - Word used during training. During role plays two trainees are chosen to act as a customer and as an agent to show how a live call is handled.
Hit the floor - To hit the floor means to make it to the operations after evaluation and evaluation is done after training. "So when are you hitting the floor".
Bangalored - Means that a particular process is outsourced to Bangalore.

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