Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Call Center Vocabulary - Part 2

Call Center Vocabulary
TL - Team Leader - Is a manager who handles a team of 6-14 agents or even more.
SME - Subject Matter Expert - Is one level higher than the front line agent and lower to TL.
Sup Call - Is the short form for 'supervisor call'. When a customer wants to speak to a supervisor the call is escalated to the supervisor, such calls are called 'Sup call'. "Where's your TL? - He's on a sup call".
Floor - Is the production floor where agents attend calls. "Please go to the floor".
QA - Quality Analyst - Is an agent who monitors/listens to calls and gives scores to the agent based on various parameters.
Skip Level Meeting - Is a meeting of agents and a manager(above your TL or even above your TL's manager). Usually agents are asked to give feedbacks about their TLs and Managers and discuss the issues they are facing in the company.
Attrition - attrition is a rate which is used to show the no.of people who quit the company each month.
Nesting period - After the evaluation(after training) the agents are allowed to take calls for about 3 hours a day, for 2 weeks to get used to calls. This 2 weeks period is called Nesting period.
Induction - Induction will be held on your first day at work, before training. During induction HRs, Operation Manager, Admin, People from finance will give presentations about the company and their respective department.


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